01. March 2022

At a "village" near Prague

On February 25, 2022, the long-planned teambuilding finally took place.

Unfortunately, some of us did not take part, but I believe that other events will have a greater participation, not only thanks to the improvement of the covid situation. Teambuilding had a working part, which we tried to stream to everyone outside Brno, but the program stretched out and not everyone got the word out. The non-working part took place in the KART arena - go-karts, and according to the results, where everyone's times gradually improved, I think it was great relaxation. The winner is definitely Anička as well, who gained courage and her time on the circuit improved from the first race to the last by 14 seconds. Congratulations! This was followed by dinner, discovering Brno's pubs and lights out. I believe that everyone appreciated the opportunity to meet after so many online meetings and online collaborations. I thank Kamil for this opportunity and thank you all for the great fun.