Cash order


The original solution was based on orders created in an Excel document and sent by e-mail to the service provider. Delivery requirements were specified by limiting the volumes of specific establishments, defined delivery days and points of cash distribution. The system lacked automation, which prevented flexible ordering of the cash delivery, did not allow a prior preparation without monitoring the deadlines for sending requests, many delays occured, the supplier has not always been able to meet all these requirements.

Project goal

The aim of the project was to prepare a system that monitors the required controls and ensures communication with the supplier to ensure a smooth and more pleasant operation of the entire process of ordering coins and banknotes. At the same time, it was necessary to pay attention to the simplicity and intuitiveness of the system so that it was use-friendly for employees and as sustainable as possible for administrators from the application interface.

Solution provided

The developed application brought, in a design-friendly interface, users the opportunity to create orders for several days in advance without necesity to monitor the order dates which was newly secured by the application. Users are thus prevented from direct communication with the service provider. When there is a change in the delivery rhythm of the orders defined by the supplier, the application reflects them in the already created orders. In this way, it is possible to centrally manage communication between the client’s users and the supplier.

Users of the application create a new order on a specific allowed day of delivery, taking into account the limit of the deadline for sending the order. After creating the order, the user confirms its completeness. At the date of sending, the application verifies all orders for the given day from all stores, closes them and sends their XLSX output to the supplier.

The application administrator has the opportunity to fully support the ordering process and change the basic parameters of the application. For example, modify delivery rhythms, order dates, set limits on order amounts specific to individual stores and involve the Czech public holidays, which can be set as delivery days.

The initial version of the project was implemented in June 2018.